Top ethnic clothes men should have in their closet

It's all about Indian fashion when you live in India. 

Despite the fact that the contemporary world has taken over the whole apparel industry, we continue to wear Indian garb. 
Indian ceremonies and occasions call for ethnic or Indian dress. 
All of these events are a wonderful mix of relatives and friends, colors, happiness, performances, and traditional attire. 
Men's ethnic dress or men's traditional wear is very important in identifying their appearance. 

Men, on the other hand, are continually complaining about how difficult it is for them to find ethnic apparel. 

However, there is a plethora of ethnic apparel for guys on the market.

Finding traditional wear for men in the market is time-consuming. You have to search too much, but here we have made a list to tell you about the ethnic clothes you should have in your closet.


1. Churidar Kurta

In the ethnic game, the kurta-churidar pair undoubtedly has more supporters among males than any other ethnic suit. 
Aside from being exceedingly comfortable, it is also simple to wear and style, making it a popular choice among guys.
The best thing about a kurta churidar is that it can be worn for everything from an ethnic day or Diwali celebrations at work to your cousin's Haldi ceremony! Furthermore, if you feel that your solid-colored kurta is too plain and monotonous, you can easily add a printed jacket or an intricately designed brooch, as well as a turban in a contrasting hue and Juti, to complete the look.


2. Sherwani

The classic Sherwani, a groom's favorite! 

Today, there are so many different varieties of sherwani, in myriad fabrics, that it has become difficult to choose one. Typically worn for a grand affair, from simple ornate ones to Indo Western exquisite and designer wears, there are so many different varieties of sherwani, in myriad fabrics, that it has become difficult to choose one. 

Sherwanis, which originated as a northern Indian attire for Mughal royalty, have evolved into modern-day wedding wear for males.
They are frequently accompanied by safe, churidar/dhoti pant-styled bottoms, and a dupatta.


3. Suit Pathani

Pathani suits are among the most fashionable and popular men's ethnic apparel items that may be worn on any occasion. 
This ethnic and stylish ensemble oozes elegance and class. Simple kurtas with front buttons and stand collars are featured in classic suits. 
The best way to do it is by pairing the Pathani kurta with a dhoti. It will give the appearance that you are wearing a new outfit and make you look great. You can also pair it with a Nehru jacket; after all, it is just like a kurta pajama.
Modern suits, on the other hand, have stunning decorations and attractive collars in a variety of colors and fabrics.


4. Dhoti Pants

Have you ever worried about your dhoti falling off in the middle of a function or a wedding? 

With the arrival of dhoti pants, you may put that fear to rest. While it can be worn like any other pair of pants, it has the flare of a dhoti, giving the impression that you are wearing one. With so many various colors and materials to choose from, you can simply pair it with a bandhgala, kurta, Sherwani, or Nehru jacket for a look that will turn your attention.
shirt with your dhoti pants will give you an awesome formal look. You can even try tucking in your shirt or top to create the illusion of longer legs. Jazz this look with statement jewelry, preferably a neckpiece. Make others go head-over-heels by adding peep-toe shoes to your attire.

Choose a color that contrasts with the kurta.


5. Nehru Jackets

Named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, these mandarin collared vest jackets, are trendy and one of the ‘must haves’ in a man’s closet.
Nehru jackets can easily compliment each look flawlessly and are capable of taking your traditional look to a whole new level. They can transform your outfit instantly and making you look ethnically fashionable.

For Tikka Ceremony, this attire will help you look rich as well as polished. You have many option with Nehru jackets you can pair this with a pathani kurta suit, jodhpurs pants & even jeans that’s why this is the perfect look for tikka ceremony.


6. Waistcoat Suits 

A waistcoat is a sleeveless upper-body garment. It is usually worn over a dress shirt and necktie and below a coat as a part of most men's formal wear. Any given vest can be simple or ornate, or for leisure or luxury, they come with the whole pair with kurta, pajama & jacket. Waistcoat Sets can be worn on occasions from official meetings to wedding ceremonies. Men look royal in it & it also makes you comfortable while wearing it. So, it is a good choice to wear to Sangeet Sandhya.

The right waistcoat should have high armholes and fit snugly around your torso and shoulders. It shouldn’t pull at the back fabric or the buttons, however. Avoid excess material at all costs. It will simply make you look larger than you are


7. Blazers that goes with everything

How can we forget the bachelor parties, these attire are fun for parties, perfect for dance parties & dinner dates. Blazers can be worn on any outfit and transform it entirely into a different look.
A navy blazer is one of the most versatile clothing a guy should own if he lives in a big city, near the water, or has a lifestyle that requires him to wear suits and sports jackets. 
A blazer should always be paired with unusual trousers (never too similar in fabric) and is not intended to be a replacement for a suit; rather, it is intended to cover the gap between a business suit and casual clothing. 
Blazers are more formal than light-colored or rough-weave sport jackets and roughly equivalent to a suit worn without a tie and loafers.

These all are Types of Ethnic Wear for Men that should be included in the closet. So, check it out and make your special occasion more special and beautiful with a little touch of Indian Ethnic into your life.

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1.Churidar Kurta


3.Suit Pathani

4.Dhoti Pants

5.Nehru Jackets

6.Waistcoat Suits 

7. Blazers