6 ways to overcome shyness

Does the idea of social interaction send panic waves through your body? Yeah, it tends to do that for shy people, but even if you've been the quiet type your whole life there are lots of things you can do to build your confidence become more charismatic, and get rid of that social awkwardness for good.

In most social circumstances, truly shy people feel self-conscious and uneasy.

Perhaps the prospect of meeting new people makes you nervous, hot, and queasy. You question that other people are interested in you, and you are concerned about what the other person thinks of you throughout interactions.

In conclusion, shyness isn't something you can get rid of by merely smiling.

Shyness does not normally go away on its own, but the 6 tactics listed below can help you take steps toward feeling more at ease around people and with yourself. So, without any further adieu, let's jump on to the list.


1. Embrace your strengths

Everybody's good at something and you're no exception. Shy, quiet people are just as smart, successful, competent and interesting as extroverts, the only difference is that shy people might have a hard I'm talking about what makes them so unique, so others don't get a chance to notice it if someone asks you about yourself ,this is the time to speak up about the things you're great at maybe you're an avid reader, have an amazing taste in music or are really good at your job or studies.

If you don't talk about your accomplishments, no one will ever know about them, not to mention this is a great exercise in increasing your self-esteem and quieting that harsh inner voice of yours take some time to think about the things you're really good at or topics you know a lot about and come conversation time that information will be your secret weapon.


2. Avoid comparisons 

Making comparisons is generally unhealthy no matter what you're trying to improve on, it's especially detrimental for people who struggle to come out of their shells.

Comparing yourself to someone who is more extroverted or less socially awkward can lead to unnecessary stress, anxiety and most importantly low self-esteem for many people who struggle with shyness.

Low self-esteem is one of the biggest reasons why they have trouble 

  • interacting with others,
  • it cripples your confidence 
  • causes self-doubt and 
  • stops you from ever coming out of your comfort zone 

So if you want to overcome your shyness you should first work on building your self-esteem by learning to trust and take pride in yourself number


3. Start saying yes

Now if you're shy you're probably skilled at declining invitations just to avoid social interaction you might even come up with excuses or go out of your way to avoid someone or some event but when you say no you create a barrier that closes off opportunities. 

Next time someone asks you if you want to go to dinner or join them with some friends on an outing, try saying yes instead if you see an acquaintance at the mall don't run away and hope they don't see you, if this is someone you like then just approach them and start catching up.

Saying yes can be empowering which is a real confidence booster plus if people are constantly inviting you out with them, they obviously like you and want to spend time with you so go for it and hang out with people who care about you.

Skipping out on social events entirely often feels a lot safer than trying your best to make friends and failing.

Avoiding people might protect you from rejection, but the downside is that you might face loneliness instead.

If you want to expand your social circle, you’ll eventually have to find some way to connect with others.


4. Do the things you're scared to do

It's worked for others down through history:-

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "you must do the things you think you cannot do." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain and this one conquering your greatest fear can sometimes turn it into your greatest strength." 

Oh yeah, I said that one Hey overcoming shyness isn't just about learning to talk to people, it's also about the basic principle of doing the things you're scared to do. You learned earlier that a fear of being judged usually plays a big part in being shy, maybe you've always wanted to dance in a club, join a sports team or give a speech in front of a crowd but you've always been way too shy to even think about it start. 

By practicing to face your fears with the help of someone you trust in you've always wanted to sing for example, you could go to karaoke night with a friend this way you know that no matter what people think, you have a friend that's right there to support you.

Once you've done that well the sky's the limit so bright ciders what's something you've always wanted to do but we're too scared to try.


5. Replace your negative inner voice

Shy people can be highly critical of themselves if you have a tough inner voice constantly judging you super harshly and putting you down, then you'll be more prone to removing yourself from social situations because you expect to be judged by others just as relentlessly think about it if a person regularly beats themselves up for their mistakes the things they can't do or they compare themselves to other people chances are they'll want to stay home all day long and not see anybody. 

That's why you've got to replace that tough inner critic with a friendlier, more supportive voice, you need to treat yourself with the same kindness you'd show a friend when that inner critic has something to say talk back and prove it wrong to do that you'll need to.


6. Body language

Powerful body language can make all the difference. When you're learning to overcome your shyness because even if you can't control how awkward you are, you can control how awkward you look, things like 

  • standing up straight or
  • crossing your arms and legs 
  • making eye contact 

We'll all help other people feel more comfortable around you which in turn helps you feel more comfortable around them but shouldn't your body language match the way you're feeling not necessarily because you can actually use powerful body language to fool yourself into acting more confidently. When you look approachable and secure, other people will treat you that way so your behavior will naturally rise to meet their expectations.


Key points:

1. Embrace your strengths

2. Avoid comparisons

3. Start saying yes

4. Do the things you're scared to do

5. Replace your negative inner voice

6. Body language