6 types of clothes women hate on Men

Your personal style may be suffocating your love life.It's all about finding the right mix between comfort and style in men's apparel. We do, after all, share our lives with women. We must do nice for them and draw their attention whenever feasible. As a result, a sensible man should pay attention to women's thoughts.

So, how can you dress to impress while simultaneously retaining your personal comfort and style?

For this purpose, we have a list of clothes women hate on men.

Check it out and thank us later.


1. Cargo pants/shorts

All alright this first item that women hat are baggy cargo shorts and you have to agree with them on this one. So look get having all those pockets is pretty cool and practical but they do absolutely nothing for you if your goal is to look at least halfway presentable when you're out in public so cargo shorts and cargo pants for that matter had their day about 15 years ago so let's ditch that stuff for a more modern option.

Unless you are hiking a mountain and you have a granola bar in every pocket I think you should opt for something besides the cargo pants so I know that they're very functional I know that's why people that are outdoors a lot and go on hikes choose these over a traditional tan pant but if you're someone that is just living your daily life in the office or you're in a more casual setting I think opting for a nice clean tan pair of shorts or a pair of tan chinos is going to be a better choice than cargo.


2. Flip-flop with jeans

Number two we have flip-flops with jeans so I think this was very cool in the 90s you know you're wearing your flip-flops with your jeans and you've got frosted tips maybe you're in a boy band and you're super cool but these days flip-flops with jeans is not the coolest thing so like I mentioned before I think flip-flops are okay in certain scenarios those being when you're at the pool may be when you're at the beach if you live in a more tropical climate but I think if you're wearing flip-flops with jeans that is not the situation when it would be acceptable to wear that flip-flops oh I also think wearing flip-flops with jeans gives a very odd silhouette it can actually make your legs look a lot shorter than they are so you have the Jean and then it just cuts off at the flip-flop and you don't have any kind of leverage with the shoe that you're wearing so it just makes your leg appear a lot shorter than they actually are so like I said Phil flops with jeans is just not the best look if you wear flip-flops with shorts at the pool or something I think that's okay if you're wearing jeans I think you should opt for a sneaker or just some other shoe besides a flip-flop.


3. Wrong accessories/over accessories

Accessorizing so I think as a man accessorizing is totally okay I think wearing jewelry is okay if that shows your personal style and your Flair a little bit but I do think this can be overdone you will see a lot of guys will wear a ring on every finger and a watch and a stack of bracelets up to their wrist and a necklace and honestly it's just too much.

One girly bracelet, it's trendy or cool but you look feminine like a schoolboy even if you are in school remember girls want to see you a serious guy and that looks older than his actual age. Wearing childish accessories just don't cut it, you need grown man jewelry like a timepiece or accessories, a minimal necessary to nerdy backpacks with suits shoot this is entertaining to me because you shouldn't even be wearing backpacks with suits as it is you go to the airport you'll see this at least a hundred times 100 guys doing it which is such a shame because you have so much talent so many pretty women around you that you could have probably hit on but you're wearing that as a man you want to adopt leather accessories, not childish ones.


4. Socks with sandals

The next item up that women hate is wearing socks with sandals again I think at least I hope most of us here are pretty safe on this one because it seems to be more of a youthful thing where the younger guys are wearing those sort of mid-calf socks with slides, now most women do not like this look and I can understand why. The problem is wearing socks with sandals so not only do I think this looks a little bit silly but I think it defeats the whole purpose of wearing the sandal in general. Men wear sandals to maybe give their feet a little breath of fresh air in the warmer climates but when you're pairing it with a sock it totally defeats that purpose also if you're finding yourself in a situation when it's maybe too cold out to just wear the sandal on its own so you're picking the sock to go with it I think maybe you just shouldn't wear that sandal in the first place and maybe opt for a sneaker or just a close-toed shoe. In general, I think sandals are okay in certain scenarios but when you're wearing them with socks that are not one of them.


5.  So much perfume


This one is wearing too much cologne so there's a saying that fragrance should be discovered not announced and I think that really is the case.

You don't want to be that guy that's in the elevator that it's choking everybody else out because you just have too much Cologne on so while women do love cologne, they think it is a lot better when you can't smell them from a mile away, the only time they should smell you is if women are very close to you or they are hugging you so same thing as above mentioned with the accessories, Cologne less is more it does the trick just as well.


6. Super Skinny jeans

The last item on our list is overly tight super skinny jeans. It makes women shudder now because there is you can go slim with your jeans you can go pretty darn slim and have it tapered a lot but when it's skin-tight where people could just see your kneecaps, your leg muscles, your flat butt like oh no one want to see that it's really unattractive and it's just too much and the distinction is that some guys think that slim is skinny there's a huge difference. Skinny is like literal skin-tight basically slim fit means there's like an inch or two of fabric on either side usually of your tap leg ankle etc. 

Other disadvantages of skinny jeans include:-

  • Skinny jeans aren't in style anymore. They were in style for a short duration of time pretty back in time.
  • They don't flatter your body.
  • Tight jeans become uncomfortable for you as well as for an observer
  • They cause irritation as well as itching in the skin.

So you should refrain from wearing these types of jeans.



Summary points:

  1. Cargo pants/shorts
  2. Flip-flop with sandals
  3. Wrong and over accessories
  4. Socks with sandals
  5. Too much perfume
  6. Skinny jeans