6 Golden Rules for shoes everyone Must Know- The Forever Print

I believe every guy needs to follow some rules which don't matter if you got ₹2000 shoes or 20000 shoes, every dude needs to apply to look better and keep his shoes durable and age well. Shoes are an important part of any man’s wardrobe. If that fits and sounds interesting then let's hop onto the list right away:

1.Keeping them clean

cleaning shoes picture

The foremost thing you need to keep in mind is how to clean your shoes be it of any type. You have got to keep your shoes clean. It doesn't matter if you got sneakers, formal shoes or even dress shoes, your shoes need to be clean always because it sends a signal about who you are. If you're wearing busted torn, dirty shoes, it's gonna ruin your outfit cheapen your overall look and will reflect upon your sense of hygiene.

So if you got sneakers, keeping them clean is not that expensive. You can grab a suede brush or toothbrush, soap, and water and make sure they're always looking right, and if they're a little bit worn out you could do something simple like just replacing the shoelaces to make them look new.

If you have got dress shoes or leather shoes you got to make sure you polish out the scuffs, the reason being scuffs on your shoes are gonna make them look cheaper and untidy.

2.Wearing the best accessories

Another rule is wearing the best accessories with your shoes.

As you start becoming more and more proficient with your style should start adding accessories to your outfit whether that's bracelets, watches necklaces, or belts you're gonna add more and more stuff to try to look better, and better the more effortless you make this combination the better your outfit's .When you become a pro where you're gonna try to start doing is mixing your accessories appropriately with your Footwear meaning if you're wearing dark Footwear you should wear dark-colored accessories and vice versa or on the other hand if it's dressy Footwear you're wearing if you're wearing brown shoes you're gonna want to wear Brown accessories or if you're wearing black shoes you should wear black accessories.

Not the same color, but should belong to the same family color.

3.White sneakers are a must

white sneakers picture

You need to own a pair of white sneakers because these are attention grabbers in a good way. It makes your outfit pop, it makes your outfit look fresh, it looks clean, but again we need to clean them because white sneakers need that extra love they need extra attention. They are loved by many because they are so versatile and you can wear them with literally anything from shorts and a t-shirt to just a nice suit. You can go for either of those and it interviews works.

4.Choosing comfort over style

Comfort zone

No matter which shoes you like, be it highly-priced or in your budget, the most important pinch is never compromising your feet' comfort for style.

Your comfort will take care of your feet and never make you feel irritated, it will determine your walking posture because if the shoes will be uncomfortable for you, it will result in an irregular way of walking and degrade your overall personality.

To make sure the shoes fit you comfortably, you should visit the offline shoe stores and check the shoes for your foot before buying them.

If you want to buy particular shoes, go for its alternative style as there are plenty of shoes with the same style available in the market and on the online shopping stores also.

5.Wearing the right socks

socks with shoes

This basic mistake youth makes is matching socks with shoes that look a bit flashy. Don't match socks with shoes, you have to match them with trousers. Socks act as an extension for trousers.

You will not wear white socks for formal occasions, especially at the office or interviews.

You can wear white socks for sports and casually.

After that comes the bright pop-up socks (multicolored). The basic rule for wearing them is, if your outfit is basic, either suit, a bit informal, or any basic attire, then you can use it as a pop-up accessory so you have to avoid wearing it on interview and sensitive formal occasions.

Lastly, Loafer socks or no-show socks are for those who don't want to wear the socks just for the style and look. Going sockless can damage your shoes and develop a bad smell in them. So instead of choosing to not wear socks, you should go for loafer socks as they won't be visible outside your shoes.

6.Shoe tree

shoe tree

For the last rule, you can spend a chunk of money, and this will save a lot of money because the shoes will last way longer because of this and the object we are talking about making is SHOE TREE. When you put your shoes or sneakers away which are a little bit pricier and don't use them much often you shoes use this object because it keeps the shape of the shoe that's why when you buy shoes or sneakers they come with paper inside right that keeps the shape of the shoes, otherwise, you're gonna get creases especially if it's leather shoes you're gonna get those creases before you even wear them and these are so cheap you can use paper if you want the paper that comes with your shoes or you can buy them online if you want to make sure that your closet looks super aesthetic and yes you're investing a little bit of money into this but trust me, in the long run, you're gonna be saving money because your shoes your sneakers they're gonna last so much longer.

With this, we come to the end of our post and hope you got to know about the basic rules to keep shoes longevity.

Summary Points:-

  • Keeping them clean
  • Matching accessories
  • White sneakers
  • Comfort over style
  • Wearing right socks
  • Shoe tree