6 most iconic hairstyles for men

Better fashion, better clothes, better outfits is all good, but one's personality shines through his hair. Managing a proper hairstyle is one of the best important aspects of the modern generation. Today, there is a plethora of on-trend and daring new looks available, ranging from sharp crew cuts to cool quiffs. However, with so many options, deciding which short-haired style to try can be difficult.

Let's hop on to the list and see which are the best hairstyles available right now:-


1. Curly hair fade

This curly hair fade is one of the best hairstyles for men with curly hair. If you view your curly hair as a curse, this taper fades haircut may just change your mind. The curly fade starts around the temples and tapers down. The cut is often paired with short curls and a shape up along the hairline to create sharp, crisp lines. With just 2 to 3 inches of length in the front and 1 inch or so in the back, this curly hairstyle is as easy as towel-drying your curls, applying some matte or low-shine curl-enhancing cream, and walking out the door. 


2. Quiff

The quiff remains a fashionable, sleek hairstyle choice for any style-savvy guy. With the extra length on the top and short faded sides, the main challenges of the modern quiff haircut come from the intensive styling requirements. Although the final look of this trendy medium-length style is worth the effort, a lot of men simply don’t have the time or energy to style their hair every morning. To do a quiff, we recommend you start with clean, towel-dried hair. Styling a quiff will require a blow dryer on high heat and a pomade, wax, or putty with a stronghold. For a messy look, apply your styling product evenly throughout and then simultaneously brush back and blow-dry. Afterwards, use your fingers or comb your hairs into place as desired.


3. Tapered Buzz Cut

If you don’t know what a taper is, allow us to get you acquainted. Put simply, a taper is where the edges of your sideburns and the nape of your neck are dropped progressively shorter until it fades to nothing. Tapers can be incorporated into a range of hairstyles for men, including a slick-backs, side-parts, crops, and, for this list, the humble buzz cut. A Tapered buzz cut is a modern take on the classic style, which also pairs well with a line-up. This style is suited to guys who are into the low-maintenance cut but want to stay fashionable and stylish year-round.

Its style is sharp and its best suited for people with Circle, square, round face shapes.


4. Crew cut

Next on this list is a hairstyle that I feel like every youth man should try a least once or pretty much every man should try this at least once. The short crew cut every team should try this for many reasons, though look one it looks awesome, it's clean, it's a short cut on the sides and back and a little bit longer up top it's still pretty short on top you will love how clean this hairstyle look.

The second reason you should try this cut is it's so easy to maintain it's easy to wash it's easy to dry you wake up in the morning and it's pretty much done so it's already styled so if you have to get to school, which pretty much every teen does maybe not nowadays because of the homeschooling that's happening, but when you go back to school ,it's so much easier you wake up and you literally just mess around with it a little bit put a tiny little bit of product and it is done no need to blow dry most of the time so the maintenance is very very low.


5. Box braids

Next on the list the box braids now. You have been seeing so many dudes with dreads and the box braids lately and think they look amazing it adds character, it adds personality, it adds some edge right, there's some edge to it which is super cool and it was made extremely famous by Travis Scott. 

Of course, this hairstyle, in my opinion, is just sick and kind of like every time you think about it, just think of Travis Scott like headbanging with his hair going all over the place and the cool thing about this hairstyle is that you can have it shorter or you can even go longer. Many people think it just looks cooler when it's longer all the way down to like your cheeks or something.


6. Curtains

All right, this hairstyle on this list is the one that blew up the most this year the middle part or as some people call it curtains this hairstyle was huge in the 80s and the 90s and you know what they say trends come and go and this one came back in full force this year. 

The 90s style is just super hot, right now so this makes sense plus in February or march things shut down all over the world including barbershops and salons which means we couldn't get a haircut so guys weren't able to get a haircut and all of a sudden you're rocking a middle part because it's longer now one of the coolest things about the middle part is that you can have it symmetric or asymmetric meaning you can part it right down the middle or you can kind of part it to one of the sides a little bit and it looks amazing so if you guys don't like that perfectly symmetrical middle part where it's cut right in the middle you can go to either side and that gives it a little bit more of a vibe.



  • Curly hair fade
  • Quiff
  • Tapered buzz cut
  • Crew cut
  • Box braids
  • Curtains