5 men’s fashion hacks- The Forever Print


In this post, we'll be giving you the best fashion hacks that a man can use to make his life simpler and more effective. You can use these hacks to simplify your fashion style and look more elegant by applying these hacks in your everyday life.

So, without any further adieu, let's hop on to the list :-

  1. Removing wrinkles from clothes easily


Do you take so much time ironing your shirts and clothes?

Do you want a solution that protects you again and again from ironing your clothes even for small wrinkles?

Do you want to know the answer to How to remove wrinkles from clothes fast and easily ?

Then this point is for you.

Removing wrinkles on clothes with a water spray-  This fashion hack is really a life changer and we hate ironing our clothes. It's just that it takes time to set everything up in the iron to warm up and then sometimes we are in a hurry and want things to be done immediately and as fast as possible.

Spray water on your clothes with a spray bottle if your clothes are a little wrinkled can prevent you from wasting time in ironing, and if you're on the go or in a rush just hanging them up and spray them with the water to get rid of the wrinkles, all you need is water to remove wrinkles, easy right?

If your shirt is completely wrinkled and messed up, sorry dude be realistic you're gonna have to iron it and there's no magic trick here, but if you just want a few wrinkles gone this tip to remove wrinkles makes things easy.


2. Never do shopping alone


The Tip is whenever possible do not shop alone, it is always better to bring someone along with you when shopping for yourself. Shopping isn't something that you’d want to rush in and it's a proven fact that we rush a lot more when we're alone, but your friend with you may have a totally different style than you and that's fine because who knows you might get a good fit for yourself thanks to that friend of yours. Having an extra pair of eyes and some different opinions is super helpful when you don't have to always do what they want we're learning to take criticism and hearing others out is a skill that we could all work on. 

Bringing a girl along shopping with you might be a really good idea too. Sometimes it's good to get a female perspective, especially if you're looking for an outfit for a special event or for a date. 

Pro tip for you guys who maybe have lame friends or friends with poor sense of fashion who don't want to go shopping with you, ask a random person at the store and this is a great way to 

  • meet a new person, maybe you see a girl right and then you just go up to her and ask her for her opinion on a shirt that you're trying on cuz why not it's a great icebreaker it's an easy conversation starter as well, and 
  • you're gonna get some real feedback. This is a person who does not know you. They don't care if you know about your feelings because they just met you so they're not trying to please you they're just gonna give you their honest feedback it's a win-win situation for you.

    3. Wearing sunglasses


    We move to the next point which describes why you should wear sunglasses, be it black or brown or a dark-colored lens as long as it matches with your outfit and your face type. Actually, studies have proved that the most attractive face is the most symmetrical face and this phrase-'Symmetrical face' means- the left side of your face needs to look more like the right side of your face.

    Most of the time not many people will tell you but everyone has a bad side which means contrary to the left and right side of the face but sunglasses will make your face look more symmetrical because they are the same on both sides which means your face will be instantly more attractive and people will get impressed more effectively.


    4. Shirt hacks


    Boys when you tuck in a shirt you go from being a regular dude to like a dude that makes a hundred racks a year in short you just look more professional. The beauty of tucking in a shirt is that the illusion of you looking a higher status is more but also when you tuck it in it cinches your waistline and as soon as you cinch that waistline now you look more polished, more put together, and better it highlights your physique even better making you aesthetically fit and good looking. Always choose a shirt which fits your body well and is comfortable to be in. OR,

    Invest in a Shirt stay and maybe you're thinking what is that, well it's exactly what it sounds like. It irritates when the shirt doesn't tuck in right and there is all this extra fabric hanging from the sides and the back.


    Shirt stays are affordable, they're easy to use and no one is gonna be able to tell that you're wearing one. They pull your shirt down and make your outfit look super crisp and fresh. When I came to know about it, I instantly realized that it was a life-changing hack especially for guys who work in an office or if you like tucking in your shirts for a classy look.


    5. Having a denim Shirt and jeans


    The most essential fashion hack is having a denim shirt and slim-fit jeans in your closet. Denim jeans and shirts are a must have, It looks amazing and you can style the shirt in many different ways. 

    For example:- can wear it more casually, keeping it wearing a basic simple plain t-shirt and wearing black jeans with it which is slim fit just enhances it.

    Or you can wear it with one or two upper buttons of the shirt open and you can roll up the sleeves to make it look cleaner.

    The denim shirts are one of the people's all-time favorite options because they're perfect for layering and work perfectly on every kind of occasion. 


    One more point is to have slim-fit jeans, why? The reason is they're not too tight like skinny jeans, they're not too baggy, they're that perfect just right in the middle. They're gonna help define your legs and make it look more muscular and also help with your height as well but they're not gonna be so tight that they just look like they're squeezing your legs.

    If I was wearing jeans that were too tight you know it throws off the proportion and same with bagginess so slim-fit right in the middle that's the way. One more reason why people love skinny jeans is that usually they have stretch in them and when you put them on first, you will realize these are so incredibly comfortable and they are making men look taller. 

    One more Pro denim wearing tip is you don't need to wash them after every single time you wear them, you can just grab a brush and remove the lint and dirt just by hovering the brush over your denim jeans.


    By following these 5 tips from The Forever Print mentioned above, you are definitely going to rock that style of yours and might impress the ladies around you with your dressing/fashion sense.