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10 things that women find most attractive in men's style


In this post, we will be giving you guys 10 points that women like in men’s style ranging from head to toe i.e. from your hair to your shoes. 


So let’s directly hop on to the list and check out all the points you can impress the woman of your dreams with-



10 things that women find most attractive in men.

First in our list of things that women find most attractive in men’s style is HAIR- It's definitely something that girls notice very keenly and different girls have different preferences.

For example some like messy hair, some are into curly or even long etc.

But what you guys have to do is to take utmost care of them and use the right products that will suit your hair and get a suitable hairstyle for yourself from the best hairstyles for men.


It's important to know the type of hair that you have and the required maintenance that it needs. 

So if your hair is very long you like to keep it long you're not someone that cuts your hair very short then you should get the ends trimmed up so that you don't get split ends and if your hair is curly ,make sure you're using the right products to enhance those curls.



 10 things that women find most attractive in men's style


You might be wondering if this point is relevant to the topic but the crux is YES. GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR is another thing that women find most attractive in men. Ask any woman out there if she likes a guy with a good sense of humor and she will nod her head to agree to the point. Women just want to have a really fun and happy life and so they want to be with a guy that has a fun and cheerful approach to life. Talking to a guy who jokes around, makes her laugh is an advantage because then she can comfortably joke around with him. Make sure she understands your humor and this will keep her laughing often and start to make her yours.



 10 things that women find most attractive in men's style

Next on the list is one of the most important aspects of personality- Confidence. A confident man gives a woman a feeling that he will take care of her whatever the situation may be. One of things that women find most attractive in men is Confidence. Women do not like fickle men, they like men that they can trust and who are full of high self esteem, confidence and self belief.


   Confidence is not just about the way you're talking but it's 

         the way you carry yourself the way you handle certain 

         situations and being sure about the actions and the 

         decisions that you make all right.



 10 things that women find most attractive in men's style


The next attractive thing a woman notices in a man is something that she can’t even see but she definitely can smell. So most men wear deodorant because they don’t want to smell bad, but only 20% of men wear fragrance regularly and that’s a pinch point that women's picks up fragrance. If you have a fragrance which she’s going to remember you by that, it becomes your signature scent, guys and gives you a huge advantage.

So your foremost goal now should be getting the right products with the best fragrances for men. Different fragrances will suit different body chemistry, so choose wisely.



 10 things that women find most attractive in men's style

When making a first impression we should wear clothes with perfect fitting and you should lay big emphasis here on the perfect fitting because women find it attractive when men wear clothes with perfect fitting, for example- you could spend two thousand dollars on a suit and if it doesn't fit you absolutely perfect it's not going to look as good and will incline more towards, instead if you spent the extra money to get tailored a cheaper suit, you will look more refreshing and handsome in that.

So keep this in mind that perfect fitting is absolutely everything you're gonna look like a million bucks and you're gonna feel like a million bucks and you're just gonna be radiating confidence.



Another perfect fitting cloth you should wear is a basic T-shirt.

There is a simple rule i.e. basics make the best outfits, the appeal of a basic t-shirt is that it looks really relaxed and effortless. It looks like you didn't try too hard but it can still look great especially for someone that has a nice physique and if you get that perfect fitting t-shirt that cuts at the perfect spot on your arm makes it cherry on the cake. But obviously don't make it too tight as we don't want to look like we're wearing a second skin but definitely get something that fits you nicely so again. 


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     6. CHILVALRY-


    10 things that women find most attractive in men's style

    Now-a-days we listen to people saying not to be a gentleman and to be funky and careless but this is not true when you want to impress a girl. Girls always like gentlemen and the one who treats them with respect, equality and honor.


    Meaning of chivalry- polite and kind behavior by men which shows respect towards women.


    Every woman wants to be treated with generosity and kindness. They like the guys who hold the door for them, offering them their jackets when it's cold, basically making her feel special and treating her right. This is one of the things that women find attractive in men.



    10 things that women find most attractive in men's style


    Women get driven by men who have an awesome dressing sense, and the first impression a woman gets of a man is based on his dressing sense. Another one of things that women find most attractive in men is their Dressing Sense.

    Basic dresses include:-

  • Well fitted suit
  • Perfect T-shirts
  • Dark wash jeans
  • Sport coat
  • Crew-neck sweater
  • Awesome pair of formals
  • Lace-up Dress shoes



     10 things that women find most attractive in men's style

    Many people consider it to be an afterthought but these can bring up the required elegance in your fashion and style.

    The basic accessories a guy should wear is a simple and sober watch for men which suits your outfit , it can be an analog watch or a smart watch depending on your outfit.

    Accessories include categories like watches, rings, bracelets, tie bars, colorful laces, scarves, pocket squares, and lapel pins and the most important rule is to wear not more than 2 or 3 at a time. Because wearing more than required can make your fashion look overboard and flashy which you should avoid.



    10 things that women find most attractive in men's style

    Your footwear is like the base, the foundation of any outfit, if you choose the right footwear for you it could build any fit up. You need to know that women judge every single part of your outfit and also most guys see their feet as an afterthought whereas honestly women think it's the main thought, it is the foundation of your outfit it's what it can make and break your fit after all it is one of the most important things that women find attractive in men’s style.

    Flimsy shoes can make you look cheap. 

    Worn out shoes make it seem like you don't take care of yourself. 

    But stylish ones – Oxfords, Monk Straps, Italian moccasins etc. – shows you've got good taste.

    Choose the right pair of footwear be it sport shoes, formals, chinos, sneakers, flip flops, etc. just make sure to match it with your outfit.

     10. BODY POSTURE-

    10 things that women find most attractive in men's style


    We will conclude this post by adding the point - walking, sitting and standing posture of your body. Another thing women notice about a man and judge them is on the basis of his posture as he's standing nice and tall shoulders back chest up or is he slouched and sloppy because either way bad body posture is not good for your health as well. Also, women notice how you walk ,do you walk with confidence, do you walk with purpose, do you walk like a badass or you walk like a dork. Be confident and keep your body posture right.


    Follow all these points by The Forever Print and it will definitely help you add value in your life and impress the woman of your dreams.



    Summary Points :

  • Hairs
  • Confidence
  • Sense of humor
  • Chivalry
  • Dressing sense
  • Perfect fit
  • Fragrance
  • Body posture
  • Footwear
  • Accessories